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  • The Art of Negotiation: How the EU and the US Should Approach Free Trade Talks

    Prof. Diamond recently advised Euronews on how to get the most value out of free trade talks between the European Union and the United States. These expert tips are worth a watch — you’ll find they’re applicable to all negotiations, be they matters of international commerce, or everyday interactions at work and with family. Watch the Video

  • When People Get Emotional, They Won't Trade Or Be Persuaded

    In this interview, Business Standard reporter Devina Joshi talks with Prof. Stuart Diamond about the role of emotions in negotiations. Read Full article

  • Career Solutions

    Stuart chats with David Rawles about counterintuitive strategies to help you improve your career. Listen to the interview

  • 'Don't Try to Fix Everything'

    Stuart Diamond, president of Global Strategy Group, which advises government and corporations in negotiating strategies and foreign investment, is the author of the bestseller Getting More: How You Can Negotiate to Succeed in Work and Life. Read Full article

"There have been hundreds of situations where what I learned has made the difference." - Robert Silver, Executive Director, UBS

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