Getting More in Academics

The Getting More model is expanding into several schools and universities across the world. We work together to train new instructors and customize the content for each institution.

Over the past 20 years, the negotiation course taught by Professor Stuart Diamond on the Getting More model has been the most sought-after by students at top-ranked Wharton School of business, among the hundreds of courses taught there. “Life-changing,” is the common refrain. Students learn not just how to get better jobs, build teams and solve family disputes: they learn how to become more persuasive people in everything they do.

Around the world, other schools are beginning to use this innovative model, which focuses on collaboration, perceptions, emotional intelligence and diversity instead of value-killing power, leverage and logic. Among the schools where the model has been taught are Columbia, New York University, University of Southern California, Oxford, University of California at Berkeley and Stanford Law. The course has been taught to graduates and undergraduates in business, medicine, law, psychology and entrepreneurship programs.

Now the course is being offered to both students and teachers more widely. The Getting More team is prepared to conduct courses throughout the world – or train teachers to teach the model and make its methods unique to each school. The result is a richer curriculum, great ratings by students and more skilled professors. As persuasion is basic for success in life, virtually any academic subject will quickly be made more relevant and exciting.

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  • “Really makes the Wharton MBA a valuable degree, and the world a better place.”

    Yanni Mantzaris, Hedge Fund Manager, MBA Wharton ’11

  • "Definitely the most widely applicable Wharton will have a lasting impact on my life.”

    Philip Renton, Vice President, Goldman Sachs, Wharton '08

  • “I was your student years ago. Your class has only become more valuable and more relevant as my career has progressed.”

    Elizabeth Matsumoto, Regional Director, American Express, MBA Columbia '98

  • The class has been the highlight of my MBA, and I will hold it close to my heart forever."

    Anirudh Singhania, Director, Cummins Inc., Wharton MBA '11

  • “If I had spent my entire tuition at USC to take only your course, it would have been well worth it - the most valuable class ever.”

    Beth S. Brandegee, MBA '96 University of Southern California

  • “The BEST class I took at Penn Law by far!”

    Michael Karlin, Principal, Karlin Ventures LLC, Penn Law ’95