Women & Diversity

Getting More has taught thousands of women and diverse groups from every sector of life to become more persuasive people by looking far more deeply than common stereotypes.

Men are NOT from Mars. Women are NOT from Venus. Mexicans are not one way and Muslims another. The stereotypes that form the basis of media communication and political commentary are bogus for individual persuasion. In fact, an African tribesman may have more in common with a Wall Street financial analyst than that analyst has with his office mate. Palestinian and Israeli mothers in Israel have very much in common.

Years of research into the nature of identity finds that in one-on-one negotiations, stereotypes are almost irrelevant. If you want to make the kind of connections necessary to get the best results, you have to focus on individual characteristics: family, friends, personality, hobbies and how one relates to everyday life.

The Getting More model focuses on how to make individual connections, avoid stereotypes and use that information to make best deals. In the process, differences and even disagreements become the basis for value, not the opposite. Which means that while women collectively may be paid less than men, any woman individually can change that for herself using Getting More tools. 

Today, stereotypes are hawked by all manner of authors, media and politicians. To be a more persuasive person, you need to dig much more deeply. Getting More has helped thousands of women from top tech companies and universities do this; Israeli and Arab groups; Navy SEALs and Afghan tribal leaders; and a wide variety of people, from homemakers to CEO, who have found a better way to turn perceived differences into real value. You can too.

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  • “Getting More’s tools are empowering and enabling, for women and men. Similarities can be built on, but differences can also add tremendous value and competitive advantage.”

    Umber Ahmad, Former Vice President, Goldman Sachs; CEO, Aileron Communications

  • “I have three boys and a husband who is constantly deployed overseas. Getting More has helped me identify and meet my goals while better meeting the emotional needs of my husband and kids. This book is a great tool for Moms on the go.”

    Monty M. Mann, Military Wife, Tampa, FL

  • “I am a woman who works on Wall Street, an extremely male oriented profession, and I am a mother of two kids under the age of three. Getting More helped me negotiate a better contract for my first job and helps me every day at home and work.”

    Gina McCarthy, Morgan Stanley