Getting More for Entrepreneurs & More

The model helps entrepreneurs, governments, artists and more make better connections everywhere and use them to create value, even when the odds are seemingly stacked against them.

Whether in start-ups or sports, the arts or manufacturing, government or the general activities of life, needless conflict and poor interpersonal dealings waste time and money and reduce individual and collective happiness. 

Great athletes are lost to the game; the entertainment and manufacturing sectors bear the yoke of a century of labor-management strife. The government – well just look on TV. And entrepreneurs are hampered in trying to add value amid bad behavior and bureaucracy.

The Getting More model fixes all that. It reduces conflict through better focus on goals and needs, saves time through better problem-solving and makes it much easier to find one’s way out of the morass that occupies page 1 every day. 

Start-ups, usually small by nature, are buffeted by venture capitalists, larger competitors, government regulators and the need to find and retain talent. The model helps them make better connections everywhere and use it to create value. “The fastest ROI we have ever seen,” said Glenn Cazelot, CEO of Doctrackr, Cambridge, MA. In as little as a 90-minute speech, already innovative entrepreneurs will see what’s possible. In a day or two, they will become far more persuasive people.

See the examples on the right of how this model has impacted those working in start-ups in the arts, government and more.

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  • Hollywood Writers Guild: “The process solved the writer’s strike.”

    Ari Emanuel, Head of the powerful WME Entertainment agency.

  • Ended years of labor-management strife. “I can’t begin to thank you enough...”

    Anne Ewers, Chief Executive Officer, Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts (Philadelphia)

  • Latvia: Helped organize the first popularly elected government since the Russian Revolution.

  • Kuwait: Helped the government rebuild after the first Gulf War.

  • New York City: Settled long-time dispute between the mayor’s office and contractors over the building of a new subway line.