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Instructors of the Getting More Model

Stuart Diamond

Founder, Author

Stuart Diamond is one of the world’s foremost experts on negotiation. His negotiation course at top-ranked Wharton Business School has been the most sought-after by MBA students there over the past 20 years. Diamond and his team of 25 have trained more than 12,000 Googlers in his innovative model of human interaction. 

Professor Diamond has trained more than 5,000 Special Ops soldiers, the elite of the U.S. military: Navy SEALs, Green Berets, Marines, Special Forces and others in finding better ways to negotiate – from collecting better intelligence to dealing with the chain of command to meeting more family needs. “Saves lives,” was the comment written about his model by U.S. Special Operations Command.

Professor Diamond’s book on negotiations, Getting More: How To Be A More Persuasive Person in Work and Life, is a New York Times bestseller and #1 U.S. business bestseller on the Wall Street Journal and USA Today lists. Worldwide it has sold more than 1.2 million copies and has been translated into 19 languages. The Wall Street Journal’s career site calls Getting More “#1 book to read for your career.” Lawyers Weekly called it “phenomenal.” The Commander of U.S. Special Ops has placed it on his read list of 15 books; it is only one of two books on military science.

Professor Diamond has a law degree from Harvard, an MBA from Wharton. In a prior career he was a journalist for The New York Times, where he won a Pulitzer Prize as part of a team investigating the 1986 crash of the Space Shuttle Challenger. He was Associate Director of the Harvard Negotiation Project at Harvard Law School and directed its outside negotiation consulting firm.

He used the innovative Getting More process, which focuses on emotional intelligence, perceptions and collaborations — while insisting on fairness — to solve the 2008 Writer Strike in Hollywood; a multibillion dollar electronic trading rights dispute among exchanges in New York, and numerous international political and financial issues. They include coordinating the largest foreign-sourced commercial financing in Ukraine history, advising the President and ministers of Nicaragua in solving public image and insurgency issues, and developing an international strategy for a $14 billion petrochemical company in China.

Among the 30,000 people Diamond has taught or advised in 50+ countries, more than 220 are managers and executives from the Fortune 500 companies. Another 25% are of the Global 1000 community. He has trained school children in South Africa, bankers in Dubai, art dealers in Arizona and car dealers in Russia. He has also headed or managed companies in various industries. He has been chairman of a publicly-traded U.S. high tech company in the wireless space, convinced 3,000 farmers in Bolivia to forsake coca for bananas, operated a medical services company performing laser eye surgery and worked on Wall Street as an energy futures executive.

Besides Wharton, Professor Diamond has also taught at Penn Law School, Penn Engineering, Harvard, Oxford, Columbia, NYC, UC Berkeley and USC. He is also an expert in cross-cultural negotiation and diversity and has advised on the subject to the United Nations, World Bank and many companies. He has written 3 books, 2 documentary films and more than 2,000 articles, including dozens on page 1 of The New York Times.

Lorenzo Colombani

Senior Instructor

Lorenzo Colombani is a negotiation consultant in Paris, France. He provides negotiation consulting advice and training to Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs) as well as larger companies or individuals on a variety of topics (business transactions, labor disputes, neighborhood disputes, student/faculty disputes, etc.), onsite and online. He also provides advice and training in persuasion to sales managers and representatives. He trained as a corporate & data protection lawyer in France at SciencesPo, Paris from which he holds a Masters Degree in Law.

Mr. Colombani is a licensed attorney with experience training in a variety of law firms. He co-founded and was CEO of ThinkH+, a non-profit organization that explored the ramifications of new technology, working with the French Parliament and National Ethics Committee. He was Chief Editor of the Brainstorm Law Review, a law and ethics review published in France and available internationally.

He also holds an LLM from the University of Pennsylvania Law School, which he attended as a Fulbright Fellow, and trained extensively in negotiation, mediation and alternative dispute resolution. He mediated cases at the Philadelphia courts as part of the school’s Clinical Program. Topics mediated included: Family Custody, Small Claims and Discrimination. He also holds an advanced degree in the philosophy of science from La Sorbonne and is trained in psychotherapy. He has studied philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh.

Coming from a multicultural background (born in France, raised in Italy, educated in the United States & France), Lorenzo strives to apply Getting More’s fundamental principles: including using more effective human relations to achieve better agreements of all types. He works closely with Professor Stuart Diamond and has collaborated on research studying the practice of dispute resolution in France during the Yellow Vests crisis. The Fulbright Alumni Association of France recently published an interview with Mr. Colombani about better negotiation practices. 

Hiam Sakakini

Senior Instructor

Hiam has more than 14 years of experience working in Fortune 500 companies in a range of roles from building large regional sales teams as a Sales Manager, to building Learning & Development strategies for thousands of leaders.

As Head of Leadership Development for Google APAC, she advised individuals and teams on building the skills, confidence and competence needed to become genuinely customer-focused and deliver outstanding, bottom-line business results.

A specialist in Change Management, she looks for common traits amongst top performers that are coachable for all. She is an expert at creating an environment where smart, self-motivated, innovative individuals can thrive. She is the co-founder of ThinkChangeGrow, a firm that aims to bring positive changes, including diversity, to workplaces.


Monika Gisler

Senior Instructor

Monika has ten years’ international experience at Google in sales management, learning & development and strategic organizational development. She was a strategic partner for diversity and inclusivity initiatives for Google Asia and led their peer-to-peer communication program.

She holds a Masters Degree in Linguistics/Media & Communication and a Masters Degree in Psychology. She is the Co-Founder of ThinkChangeGrow, a consulting practice advising on bring positive change, including diversity, to the workplace.

Eric Yarger

Senior Instructor

Eric Yarger is Co-Founder and Operations Director for NOVOMODUS, a company that delivers organizational change and culture change to private and public clients who are seeking effective and strategic change. Eric is our country manager and trainer for Getting More Australia. He teaches High-Stakes negotiations to a broad range of clients from Google to Special Operations and Intelligence organizations throughout the Asia-Pacific region.