Negotiation & Problem-Solving in a Conflictive World


A live, interactive zoom course on a new model of negotiation developed by Prof. Stuart Diamond of Wharton Business School and used increasingly around the world. The model focuses on emotional intelligence, perceptions and cultural sensitivity instead of the traditional power and leverage, producing four times as much value as a result.

The workshop personalizes the teaching to you. You will learn to solve your negotiation problems on any subject, from jobs to kids to deals, travel, shopping , colleagues, collaborators and hard bargainers. You will receive an analysis of your own negotiation strengths and weaknesses and how to improve from there.

The program comprises of four half-day sessions, Noon - 4:00 pm (ET US).  Each session includes an interactive case with advice/training by Prof. Diamond. You can register for any number of sessions. The price is $250 per session per person or $200 per session per person if you register for all four sessions at once.

To register for all four sessions, complete the registration form provided below.

To register for individual sessions, click on the date below of each session you would like to attend and complete the form provided for that session only.

April 1, 2024: The Getting More Model introduced, trust, commitments, identity, conflict vs. collaboration,  transactions v. relationships.

April 8, 2024: How to add value to deals, particularly with intangibles and with hard bargainers.

April 15, 2024: Practice with the Getting More model, a role-reversal exercise with a real-world case.

April 22, 2024: Practice with participants’ real, current negotiation problems to better learn how to solve any problem.