September 1 ~ September 8 ~ September 15 ~ September 22

REGISTER BELOW for the Getting More negotiation course, a new process of persuasion, human interaction and leadership that can be applied to any situation.

Particularly with today’s health, economic and social perils, better negotiation and problem-solving are critical for success and even survival.

The course is taught virtually by Prof. Stuart Diamond, based on his most sought-after course at top-rated Wharton Business School and his NY Times bestseller, Getting More, called the #1 book to read for your career (Wall Street Journal) and the best negotiation book “of all time” ( It has been used widely at Google, Microsoft and by managers and executives from 220 of the Fortune 500 firms.

The course keys on perceptions, emotional intelligence and cultural sensitivity instead of power and leverage, resulting in four times as much value. U.S. Special Operations Command, whose Navy SEALs and other soldiers are trained regularly by Prof. Diamond, says the model “saves lives” by showing how to identify and connect with persuadable people on the other side.

The course personalizes the teaching to you individually. You will be able to work on and solve your current negotiation problems. You will receive an analysis of your own negotiation strengths and weaknesses and how to improve from there.

There are four half-day sessions, Noon - 4:00 pm (EDT). Each session includes an interactive case with advice and training by Prof. Diamond. You can register for yourself and others. The cost is $600.00 per person and includes a copy of the Getting More book and a wallet card of the Getting More model. When registering below, please enter the number of people you will be registering.

SEPTEMBER 1, 2021 - SESSION 1: The Getting More Model introduced, trust, commitments, identity, conflict v. collaboration and transactions v. relationships. 

SEPTEMBER 8, 2021 - SESSION 2: How to add value to deals, particularly with intangibles and with hard bargainers. 

SEPTEMBER 15, 2021 - SESSION 3: Practice with the Getting More model, a role-reversal exercise with a real world case. 

SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 - SESSION 4: Practice with participants’ real, current negotiation problems to better learn how to solve any problem.