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JULY 24 ~ JULY 31 ~ AUGUST 7 ~ AUGUST 14

REGISTER BELOW for the Getting More negotiation course, which has made businesses billions of dollars, helped people get better jobs and gotten the kids to listen in 60+ countries.

The course includes four half-day sessions, each an interactive case with advice and training by Prof. Diamond. You can register for all of them, one of them, or some of them, in any order. The price is $150 per half-day case.

 If you register for all four at once, you will receive at no charge, a signed copy of his New York Times bestseller, Getting More, called the #1 book to read for your career (Wall Street Journal) and the best negotiation book “of all time” by You will also receive a complimentary wallet card of the Getting More model.

JULY 24, 2020 - SESSION 1: The Getting More Model introduced, trust, commitments, identity, conflict v. collaboration and transactions v. relationships.  

JULY 31, 2020 - SESSION 2: How to add value to deals, particularly with intangibles and with hard bargainers.  

AUGUST 7, 2020 - SESSION 3: Practice with the Getting More model, a role-reversal exercise with a real world case. 

AUGUST 14, 2020 - SESSION 4: Practice with participants’ real, current negotiation problems to better learn how to solve any problem.